The basic principle behind our approach is to obtain dense and accurate 3D reconstructions from large collections of images with off-the-shelf Structure from Motion (SfM), using Colmap. This provides us (pseudo-)ground truth poses and densified depth maps. We then subsample these image collections into smaller, random subsets (e.g. pairs of images for stereo, or 5 to 25 images for multiview reconstruction with SfM) and evaluate different methods against the "ground-truth".

Reconstruction Images

We publish training data with images, poses, depth maps, and co-visibility estimates. We also provide a validation set in the format expected by the benchmark, to allow challenge participants to tune their methods before submission. The test set will remain private: we have published a subset of 100 images per scene, which participants can use to extract features and, optionally, matches. Please refer to the submission page for details.

The Phototourism dataset

In order to learn and evaluate models that can perform well under a wide range of situations, it is of paramount importance to collect information from multiple sensors obtained at different times, from different viewpoints, and with occlusions. A natural solution is thus to turn to photo-tourism data. In this dataset we rely on 26 photo-tourism image collections of popular landmarks originally collected by the Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100M (YFCC) dataset and Reconstructing the world in six days. They range from ~100s to ~1000s of images.

We provide the full data, with ground truth, for 16 scenes, which can be optionally used for training. We format 3 of them (Reichstag, Sacre Coeur and Saint Peter's Square) for validation, and reserve 10 for testing.

We provide examples to parse the training data on the benchmark repository: please refer to this notebook for details.

Training scene Num. images Num. 3D points
Brandenburg Gate 1363 100040
Buckingham Palace 1676 234052
Colosseum Exterior 2063 259807
Grand Place Brussels 1083 229788
Hagia Sophia Interior 888 235541
Notre Dame Front Facade 3765 488895
Palace of Westminster 983 115868
Pantheon Exterior 1401 166923
Prague Old Town Square 2316 558600
Reichstag 75 17823
Sacre Coeur 1179 140659
Saint Peter's Square 2504 232329
Taj Mahal 1312 94121
Temple Nara Japan 904 92131
Trevi Fountain 3191 580673
Westminster Abbey 1061 198222
Total 25.6k 3.7M

Test scenes Num. images Num. 3D points
British Museum 660 73569
Florence Cathedral Side 108 44143
Lincoln Memorial Statue 850 58661
London Bridge 629 72235
Milan Cathedral 124 33905
Mount Rushmore 138 45350
Piazza San Marco 249 95895
Sagrada Familia 401 120723
Saint Paul's Cathedral 615 98872
Total 4107 696k