Kwang Moo Yi

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Victoria (UVic). Prior to UVic, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Computer Vision Lab in École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland), working with Prof. Pascal Fua and Prof. Vincent Lepetit . I received my Ph.D. from Seoul National University, under the supervision of Prof. Jin Young Choi. I received my B.Sc. from Seoul National University as well.

Contact Me

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E-mail: Office: ESC612 Phone: +1 250 472 5837
Visual Computing Group @ Department of Computer Science, University of Victoria
TBD, 3800 Finnerty Road, V8P 5C2 Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)


Computer Vision is used everywhere and is already an essential part of our daily lives. My ultimate goal is to improve the quality of human life through smarter vision systems. Towards this goal, I advance Computer Vision in various levels, mainly through Machine Learning. With the arrival of the Deep Learning revolution, Computer Vision algorithms have become ever more effective, but there is still a lot more in the field to benefit from this advancement. More specifically, my core research interests lie in understanding Geometry, Detecting, Tracking, and Analysing an object of interest. While I approach these problems with Deep Learning and Machine Learning methods, I focus on keeping methods practical, in order for them to be useful in the real-world.